Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow this looks different....

If you've been here before you realize the difference, if not its all gone so no bother. I lost it. By it I mean the desire to post anything Twilight related. The capitalization of it all really put me off. Besides that I think the last book sucks. I mean really, really sucks. I'm not really looking forward to seeing the story end in such a fluffy everyone gets their way, there are no conflicts, disgusting vampire tooth c-section, child loving wreck. I get what the woman was trying to do, I even get that a bunch of grown women hijacked a teen book series and I an protesting the end meant satisfy the teen mind/heart. I just don't like it so beyond this paragraph won't be joining in the excitement of opening day. (Not that I won't go see it, mind you)

Anyway, I have not posted in months.Partially due to a new position at work keeping me busy during normal people work hours and awake during the same hours as my family, leaving precious little Jane time to blather on about crap that really doesn't matter so much. Partially due to the above mentioned apathy. I wasn't, however, ready to kill my blog altogether. I did take the old stuff down because truly I was starting to find it annoying and possibly embarrassing. :) Maybe I'll find a new purpose, maybe I won't. Maybe my blog will die a slow and boring death. Maybe I'll post recipes and one day you'll see me on the Food Network. Probably not so much. Maybe I'll blog about little league baseball, softball, and t-ball or chronicle my garden growing and no one will read it and it will die a really boring death. Damn. I wish something was inspiring me now to write - well something that wouldn't get me fired anyway. Well poo.

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